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ujian akhir semester creativity and innovation class !!!

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Okay secara ini tugas uas jadi harus dikerjakan dengan baik dan benar, dan lagi kayanya saya udh mepet bgt nih ngerjainnya.

Pertanyaan pertama yg pak apiq kasih adalah apa saja yg saya dapat selama kuliah creativity and innovation?

Creativity and innovation class has taught so much, I learn a lot of new things in class. Basically it teach us to be more creative and more innovative in the world. Because today its not which company or which country your in, but how much you explore yourself and find your best in you.

Think outside the box, just a little bit outside of those boxes, don’t ever think inside the box because it won’t take you anywhere.

Powerful people should be creative in every way of their life. I myself its not a creative person, but don’t worry, I learn tools that make us push to be creative, example is SCAMPER method.

I learn so much from every guest lecture that been brought to class. But I think I like the last guest lecture, because he live happily, it shows when he talk in front of class. I want to be old and happy like him. I’m sorry, I totally forgot his name.

Saya pikir itu sedikit review ttg kuliah ini pak.

Yang berikutnya adalah menentukan 1 produk/jasa/perusahaan dan membuat bisnis model agar dapat bersaing di pasar global.

Kali ini saya akan menggunakan sebuah produk yaitu “RAXU SHOES”

Raxu shoes adalah suatu brand handmade shoes. Mereka membuat segala macam sepatu dengan berbagai macam jenis bahan.

Saya sendiri adalah pelanggan setia brand ini, saya sudah membuat sekitar 3 atau 4 pasang sepatu dan saya sebagai org yg menyukai fashion (sepatu, jeans) saya jelas tau mana kualitas yg baik dari sepasang sepatu, dan saya berani menjamin produk mereka adalah kualitas internasional dan yg paling penting adalah harga mereka yg amat sangat merakyat.

Raxu shoes melayani custom design shoes, mereka melayani berbagai macam bentuk dengan bahan yg berbeda beda.

Menurut saya jika mereka ingin bersaing di pasar yg lebih luas (global), mungkin mereka lebih baik membuat hanya beberapa produk, namun lebih menajamkan lagi kualitas yg mereka berikan.

Proses yg mereka lakukan sbb:

Customer memesan dan memberi design ====> raxu merespon ===> raxu memberi harga ===> jika deal, raxu memberi no.rekening untuk customer transfer ===> produksi, minimal 1 minggu, maksimal sekitar 2 minggu ===> barang jadi, dikirim ke customer.

Saya pikir hal ini tidak terlalu efektif jika mereka ttp menggunakan pre order seperti ini. Saya yakin sampai saat ini pasti mereka punya data yg baik akan produk mana yg lebih banyak dibeli oleh pelanggan. Tidak mungkin seluruh produk selalu dibeli, pasti ada produk unggulan mereka. Seperti saya sendiri selalu membeli sepatu boots dari raxu.

Menurut saya yg harus raxu lakukan adalah konsentrasi kepada produk unggulan mereka dan melakukan marketing strategy yg tepat. Yg saya tau sampai saat ini mereka hanya ber promosi lewat kaskus dan online web mereka, karena itu belom banyak orang mengenal raxu shoes.

Nama mereka kalah oleh brand lokal lain yg gencar penetrasi ke market yg sesuai target mereka. Seperti mengikuti event event fashion seperti brightspot market, atau denim market, dan lain lain.

Penetrasi di dalam negeri sebetulnya hanya untuk memperkuat posisi di dalam masyarakat indonesia. Jika saya pemilik raxu, saya lebih memilih pasar luar sebagai target market dengan produk yg dihasilkan. Ada kemungkinan saya sendiri akan membantu mereka dalam hal ini karena saya memiliki beberapa koneksi dengan teman yg ada di united states, australia, singapore, jerman, spanyol, beberapa negara lain.

Simplified the products, make it with highest quality they have, straight on consumer marketing, I believe they will be huge.

Saya pikir sekian, mungkin aapa yg saya kerjakan tidak sesuai teori teori bisnis yg selama ini dipelajari.

Menurut saya untuk sukses bukanlah teori yg kita butuhkan, keberanian untuk memulai dan think different than others, serta yg paling penting adalah MIND SET yg tepat.


nugas nge-blog!

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Deadline hari ini.
Inilah enaknya tugas kuliah CI yg ngerjain di internet (blog). Kerjainnya bisa last minute, hehe.

Ngerjain tugas di internet itu ada plus minus nya.

+ :

1. Bisa se-kreatif mungkin dalam mengerjakan tugas karena tidak ada limitation dalam mengerjakan tugasnya.

2. Kita termasuk orang yg men- CINTA -i bumi karena tidak lagi menggunakan kertas yang merupakan salah satu akibat terjadinya global warming

3. Bisa ngerjain lewat BlackBerry, dengan aplikasi wordpress for blackberry, seperti yg saya lakukan saat ini. Hehe

Sekarang – nya:

1. Males ngerjainnya (ditunda – tunda).

2. Rada rebek kalo lg bener2 ga ada internet sama sekali.

3. “Kalah” sama tugas tugas kuliah lain yg lebih “menyiksa”

Gatau lg deh plus minusnya apa. Mungkin masih banyak tp yaa gpp deh segini dulu.

Sebetulnya saya sudah mulai ngeblog dr dulu, tp gatau kenapa kadang2 niat nulis tuh ilang lagi ilang lagi.

Terima kasih buat pa apiq udah “memaksa” saya untuk ttp nulis di blog.

Mungkin saya ga akan pake lagi blog ini buat nulis, tp saya pasti mau terus nulis di blog saya yg satu lg.


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so yeah, i didn’t know anything about the task, but i know is about NTT Docomo which is……

NTT DOCOMO is Japan’s premier provider of leading-edge mobile voice, data and multimedia services. With more than 57 million customers in Japan, the company is one of the world’s largest mobile communications operators.

DOCOMO also is an influential force in the continuing advancement of mobile technologies and standards. In 1999, DOCOMO launched i-mode™, the world’s most popular platform for mobile Internet services including e-mail, browsing, downloading and more. Over 48 million DOCOMO subscribers now use i-mode.

In 2001, DOCOMO introduced FOMA™, the world’s first 3G commercial mobile service based on W-CDMA, which has transformed the mobile landscape in Japan while bringing the DOCOMO brand global recognition.

The role of mobile phones as “lifestyle tools” was cemented when DOCOMO launched Osaifu-Keitai™, a mobile wallet platform enabling quick, contactless transactions for cash, credit, ID, and more. More than 37 million phones equipped for Osaifu-Keitai services are now in use.

Building on a solid foundation of research and development, and guided by its customer-first philosophy, the company leverages the power of mobile communications to enable customers to enrich their lives.

DOCOMO is expanding its global reach through offices and subsidiaries in Asia, Europe and North America, as well as strategic alliances with mobile and multimedia service providers in markets worldwide.

Quick Facts

August 1991
President and CEO:
Ryuji Yamada
2-11-1 Nagata-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan 100-6150
949.68 billion yen
23,409 (NTT DOCOMO Group)
DOCOMO’s future business direction is based on a new action plan, “DOCOMO’s Change and Challenge to Achieve New Growth,” which covers initiatives to be implemented between the current fiscal year 2008 ending March 31, 2009 and fiscal year 2012 ending March 31, 2013. Under the plan, DOCOMO aims to contribute to society’s sustainable development and a safer, more secure environment for people to lead enriched, convenient lives.

1.Basic philosophy

After a period of rapid expansion, the Japanese mobile communications market has entered a mature phase. Now that total subscriptions exceed 100 million, it is difficult to expect further growth on a significant level unless breakthroughs are made. In addition, customers’ values have diversified and their demands have become increasingly sophisticated.

Under such market circumstances, DOCOMO has implemented a thoroughly hands-on approach to serving its customers, working to deliver the best possible service, safety and security to each user. At the same time, the company has strived to exceed customer expectations by delivering on the pledges made in its New DOCOMO Commitments proclamation.

DOCOMO believes that the market has potential for significant growth if services that take advantage of unique mobile properties—such as real-time immediacy, personal authentication and locating capabilities—can be developed in conjunction with the evolution of networks and handsets. The increasing adoption of open-platform handsets and entry of new global players will produce new services that transcend conventional boundaries and thereby propel further advancements and diversification in the market. Perceiving this as an opportunity, DOCOMO intends to drive innovation in collaboration with a wide range of partners on a global scale, committing the company to taking on the challenge of creating new value by leveraging the virtually unlimited potential of mobile phones.

An overview of DOCOMO’s future actions follows.

2.DOCOMO’s Change

  • (1) New DOCOMO Commitments and review of operational structure
  • After DOCOMO’s introduction of its New DOCOMO Commitments, the company, as first steps towards implementing the “Change and Challenge” action plan, changed its corporate branding and integrated its regional subsidiaries following a comprehensive review of operational structure.
  • (2) Promotion of customer-focused marketing
  • From the perspective of customer-focused marketing, the entire DOCOMO Group will join forces in all aspects of business based on a hands-on approach to serving customers. The aim will be to earn long-term customer loyalty by delivering the best possible service, safety and security to each customer.
  • (3) Steadfast implementation of actions for improved customer satisfaction
  • DOCOMO will perform a comprehensive review of all operations—from customer relations to handset and network development—to enhance customer satisfaction, aiming at being ranked No. 1 in customer satisfaction by FY2010.

3.DOCOMO’s Challenge

As mobile services and networks evolve, mobile phones will assume the role of assisting customers’ individual behavior, in addition to providing the means for communication, information access and support for daily activities. DOCOMO will take on the challenge of advancing each of these roles. DOCOMO will also contribute to the sustainable development of society by providing solutions to pressing issues.

  • (1) Personalization of services
  • DOCOMO will deliver personalized services and functions that cater to the varying lifestyles and needs of individual customers, and further enrich their lives.
  • (2) Development of social-support services
  • DOCOMO will launch new businesses in fields such as environment, ecology, safety, security and health management for the sustainable growth ofsociety and the creation of value in these new domains.
  • (3) Provision of converged services
  • DOCOMO will link mobile phones with various devices to provide convenient services tailored to specific usage scenarios.
  • (4) Evolution of video services
  • Through collaboration with content providers, DOCOMO will support customers’ lives and individual behavior with value-added video services available uniquely on mobile phones.
  • (5) Deployment of mobile broadband using LTE*1
  • To facilitate a widening array of advanced mobile broadband services, DOCOMO will construct a high-speed, low-latency, large-capacity network by implementing LTE from 2010.
  • (6) Handset evolution
  • DOCOMO will provide handsets and devices that better fit customers’ specific needs. This will be achieved through the adoption of open platforms, the enhancement of hardware and software functions, and the diversification of designs and user interfaces.
  • (7) Collaboration of handsets and networks
  • DOCOMO will provide advanced services by optimizing the allocation of functions between handsets and networks, in particular to leverage the high-speed, low-latency, large-capacity properties of its LTE network.
  • (8) Basic research aimed at new value creation
  • DOCOMO will conduct research aimed at creating infrastructure that contributes to the development of society and its economy, ultimately to realize a more affluent society that fully leverages the advantageous characteristics of mobile communications.
  • (9) Expansion of international businesses
  • DOCOMO will expand its revenue streams from international business and achieve sustained growth by strengthening its international service offerings and pursuing investments and alliances mainly in the Asia-Pacific region.
  • (10) New domestic investments and alliances
  • DOCOMO will grow revenues and achieve sustained growth by creating new businesses and reinforcing core businesses through the pursuit of investments and alliances in Japan.

4.Actions to strengthen core businesses

As the market matures in line with the increasing rate of mobile-phone penetration, DOCOMO will strengthen ties with existing customers, cultivate new markets and continue to provide convenient, attractive services with the aim of reinforcing its core businesses.

5.Improvement of cost efficiency

Under the plan, DOCOMO expects to achieve a 10% reduction in costs and expenses to solidify the company’s financial standing for sustained growth. Initiatives include the nationwide optimization of operations and reduction of costs related to networks and sales.

6.Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Activities

DOCOMO will also contribute to society through initiatives to help protect the environment, promote universal design products and services, and realize a safer, more secure mobile society.

7.Operating income and return to shareholders

Under the plan, DOCOMO expects to achieve over ¥900 billion in annual operating income in FY2012. The company will also endeavor to maintain the highest level of payout ratio in Japan and stable dividends.

Please see the attachment for a more detailed explanation of the measures to be implemented under the “Change and Challenge” action plan.

*1 Abbreviation for Long Term Evolution. Also known as “Super3G” as proposed by DOCOMO or “3.9G” mobile communications system.

Special Note Regarding Forward-Looking Statements

This Press Release contains forward-looking statements such as forecasts of results of operations, management strategies, objectives and plans, forecasts of operational data such as expected number of subscribers, and expected dividend payments. All forward-looking statements that are not historical facts are based on management’s current plans, expectations, assumptions and estimates based on the information currently available. Some of the projected numbers in this report were derived using certain assumptions that are indispensable for making such projections in addition to historical facts. These forward-looking statements are subject to various known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors that could cause our actual results to differ materially from those contained in or suggested by any forward-looking statement. Potential risks and uncertainties include, without limitation, the following:

  • As competition in the market becomes more fierce due to changes in the business environment caused by Mobile Number Portability, new market entrants, competition from other cellular service providers or other technologies, and other factors could limit our acquisition of new subscribers, retention of existing subscribers, or may lead to diminishing ARPU or an increase in our costs and expenses.
  • Current and new services, usage patterns, and sales schemes introduced by our corporate group may not develop as planned, which could affect our financial condition and limit our growth.
  • The introduction or change of various laws or regulations or the application of such laws and regulations to our corporate group could restrict our business operations, which may adversely affect our financial condition and results of operations.
  • Limitations in the amount of frequency spectrum or facilities made available to us could negatively affect our ability to maintain and improve our service quality and level of customer satisfaction.
  • TheW-CDMAtechnology that we use for our 3G system and/or mobile multimedia services may not be introduced by other overseas operators, which could limit our ability to offer international services to our subscribers.
  • Our domestic and international investments, alliances and collaborations may not produce the returns or provide the opportunities we expect.
  • As electronic payment capability and many other new features are built into our cellular phones, and services of parties other than those belonging to our corporate group are provided through our cellular handsets, potential problems resulting from malfunctions, defects or loss of handsets, or imperfection of services provided by such other parties may arise, which could have an adverse effect on our financial condition and results of operations.
  • Social problems that could be caused by misuse or misunderstanding of our products and services may adversely affect our credibility or corporate image.
  • Inadequate handling of confidential business information including personal information by our corporate group, contractors and other factors may adversely affect our credibility or corporate image.
  • Owners of intellectual property rights that are essential for our business execution may not grant us the right to license or otherwise use such intellectual property rights on acceptable terms or at all, which may limit our ability to offer certain technologies, products and/or services, and we may also be held liable for damage compensation if we infringe the intellectual property rights of others.
  • Earthquakes, power shortages, malfunctioning of equipment, software bugs, computer viruses, cyber attacks, hacking, unauthorized access and other problems could cause systems failures in the networks required for the provision of service, disrupting our ability to offer services to our subscribers, and may adversely affect our credibility or corporate image.
  • Concerns about wireless telecommunications health risks may adversely affect our financial condition and results of operations.
  • Our parent company, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT), could exercise influence that may not be in the interests of our other shareholders.

Design Thinking !

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alrighty, i haven’t wrote a blog since last task which is my mid term exam.. been kinda busy with other assignments from other classes..

but here we go, i’m going to talk about design thinking like our guest lecture Mr. Adi Panuntun describe in class


in my opinion, design thinking is a methodology to creates, to solve, to rationalize problems occur in our daily life to make something better.

the process of design thinking itself combines creativity, empathy, and many other things to fulfill our customer wants and needs. the more creative you design and think outside the box also crush the barriers that faced you, it will be better.

a great example Mr. Adi said in class was, Tehbotol. who would of thought that putting tea into a bottle will be a huge product? people laugh at the idea, but look at now, they’re just everywhere.

the other thing that he said for example is Aqua. putting water into a bottle its such a stupid idea in that time. but someone who brave enough to think out of the box and comes out with that beautiful design thinking is creating money out of it.

most important thing in design thinking :




Alright, the next thing is how we connect a BOARD MARKER with an APPLE ??

with design thinking. what could possibly happens from these 2 item?

these days, board marker are so boring and smells bad. i’m thinking why don’t we make a board marker with an apple aroma comes out from the ink when we use them? it will smell better.

other thought, board markers shape nowadays is also boring. why don’t we make board markers but in an apple shape? it will be more fascinating in shape than the usual board markers.

i think thats it from me,