BEST Innovation

First of all, we got to be thankful for those who invented such things like electricity, cars, computers, and many other things.

But in my opinion, the best thing happened now is blackberry. They don’t create something new, but they creative enough to make an innovation.

They put them social networks together, push email, documents to go, wifi, internet and many other things. They like making a small device like a computer but better. Oh I almost forgot, BlackBerry Messenger is their advantage from other smart phones. It changes the way people communicate, text message isn’t a thing anymore.

Market size are huge, they keep growing (in indonesia and some other country). They do have competitors like apple iphone with all the technology, nokia, sony ericsson.

Well not everyone in indonesia use blackberry. But I did read that more than 3 million people use blackberry in indonesia and it keeps growing since their price are going down quite a bit.

In fact, I’m doing this assignment on my blackberry with wordpress for blackberry application. That does sounds like I’m a salesman for blackberry but I’m not. Don’t worry..


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