Meaning of a name

The first task given in Creativity and Innovation class was interpreting my own name.

First of all, i should introduce myself, well my name is Chandra Putra Darwinsyah, born in Jakarta at May 28th, 1989.

The name of Chandra itself taken from Sanscrit language has a meaning of special, privileged, superior, famous.

While Putra Darwinsyah means that i’m the legitimate son of Mr. Darwin

So, i think my parents give me that name with the intention of I will become a superior, special, privileged, famous person when I grow up.

In some articles i read that Chandra also a name of a moon, but i am not really sure of it, so i think i will go with the first one.

I’m pretty sure i will be able to be a man like my parents wanted to. It might not gonna be easy but hey, nothing is impossible in this universe..



2 Responses to “Meaning of a name”

  1. not bad.. keep up the good work.
    eh,chan, kyknya jadi nih pesen sepatu.

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